Hardex Dexel Lite SAE 15W-40 1L
Hardex Dexel Lite SAE 15W-40 1L HARDEX DEXEL LITE SERIES FULLY SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL PETROL & LIGHT DUTY DIESEL ENGINE OIL - DEXEL SERIES LUBRICANT PRODUCTS Pahang, Malaysia, Kuantan Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor, Supply | Hardex Corporation Sdn Bhd Hardex Dexel Lite SAE 15W-40 4L Hardex Dexel Lite SAE 15W-40 5L


HARDEX DEXEL LITE FULLY SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL SAE 15W-40 delivers exceptional engine protection by offering extraordinary lubrication to all engine parts to boost horsepower for the vehicle. Its unique combination between advance additive chemistry with high grade base stock to meet higher performance demand of modern engines with its stay-in-grade oil to withstand the stress of higher horsepower and higher heat due to long ride and driving challenges. The anti-friction formulation fuses the oil molecule uniformly so that the oil can flow freely to reduce friction to further improve energy efficiency.

  • Prolongs engine life
  • Smooth and comfy riding
  • Improve running efficiency
  • Reducing wear and corrosion
  • Maximum extended oil change interval
  • Neutralize acid formation during combustion
  • Enhances oxidation stability to resist oil thickening
Suitable or Meets Requirements for:

HARDEX DEXEL LITE FULLY SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL SAE 15W-40 is recommended for many types of vehicles where the best in engine efficiency and engine protection is demanded.

Health & Safety

  • Avoid skin contact with used engine oils. Wear protective gloves.
  • If skin contact occurs wash immediately with soap and water.
  • Protect the environment. Do not pollute drains, soil or water with used engine oils.
  • Dispose of container as per EPA guidelines. Do not use this container for fuel or solvents.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet available for professional user on request.

Please refer to your original equipment manufacturer [OEM] specifications and instructions for use of oil.


HDLN-48-1 1L
HDLN-48-4  - 4L


HDLN-48-112 bottles / Carton
HDLN-48-4  - 6 bottles / Carton


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