Hardex Eximius Cool-Max 50/50 Prediluted Coolant/Antifreeze 1L
Hardex Eximius Cool-Max 50/50 Prediluted Coolant/Antifreeze 1L COOLANT & BRAKE FLUID LUBRICANT PRODUCTS Pahang, Malaysia, Kuantan Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor, Supply | Hardex Corporation Sdn Bhd Hardex Eximius Cool-Max 50/50 Prediluted Coolant/Antifreeze 4L


HARDEX EXIMIUS COOL-MAX 50/50 PREDILUITED COOLANT/ANTIFREEZE engineered with the outstanding organic corrosion inhibitor package deliver outstanding performance for extended time by providing optimum protection of all metal in vehicle cooling systems. The formulation is free conventional additive  such nitrate , borate and silicate that will cause the scale build up. Organic based will not aggressive to water pump seals hence its compatible with hoses and rubber fittings. Anti-freeze content ensure the temperature stay consistent, allowing the fuel to be completely vaporised so it will burns better with fewer emission


  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Compatible with hard water
  • No resinous films or gums on metal
  • Silicate, borate, nitrate & amine free
  • Minimal depletion over an extended period of time


HECM-50P-01 1L
HECM-50P-04 - 4L


HECM-50P-01 12 bottles / Carton
HECM-50P-04 - 6 bottles / Carton

9555134512468, 9555134512475

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