Dexel Lite SP-600 SAE 20W-50 HDLP-50-4 (4L)
Dexel Lite SP-600 SAE 20W-50 HDLP-50-4 (4L) HARDEX DEXEL LITE SP-600 SERIES FULLY SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL PETROL & LIGHT DUTY DIESEL ENGINE OIL - DEXEL SERIES LUBRICANT PRODUCTS Pahang, Malaysia, Kuantan Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor, Supply | Hardex Corporation Sdn Bhd Dexel Lite SP-600 SAE 20W-50  HDLP-50-1 (1L)
HARDEX DEXEL LITE SP-600 FULLY SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL SAE 20W-50 provides superior engine wear control, improved high and low temperature protection with its special formulation. Formulated with anti-dispersant and detergent to promote cleanliness in all engine parts and will reduce sludge and carbon deposits for better and smoother engine operation. Provides excellent viscosity–volatility relationship, a prerequisite for excellent lubrication with high grade additive which is able to control burn-off and reduce harmful emission. Suitable for use in turbocharged gasoline direct-injection (TGDI) engines and prevent the occurrence of low speed pre-ignition (LSPI).
•             Enhanced emissions control.
•             Superior oil consumption control.
•             Helps to reduce engine wear, rust and corrosion.
•             Protects and lubricates critical engine parts on high mileage engine.
•             Helps to prevent deposits and sludge build-up with superior detergency.
•             Excellent overall lubrication performance under various driving conditions. 
Suitable or meets below specification:
  • API SP
HARDEX DEXEL LITE SP-600 FULLY SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL SAE 20W-50 is recommended for most vehicles where the best in engine efficiency and engine protection is demanded. Suitable for use in modern TGDI, GDI and DOHC engines.


HDLP-50-1 1L
HDLP-50-4  - 4L


HDLP-50-112 bottles / Carton
HDLP-50-4  - 6 bottles / Carton

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